Dr. Pero Mićić – The Future Manager

“What Will We Live on in the Future?”

This question has been driving Pero Mićić for almost 25 years. He is not after vague predictions and scenarios, not after generic mega trends and definitely not after naïve extrapolation of micro trends. His core issue is: What will an actual company and its specific combined skill set live on in the future? What will an individual employee live on, whose market is about to change drastically? What will drive prosperity?

There are many futurists, trend researchers and lateral thinkers. To Pero Mićić, the future manager, their ideas and scenarios are just raw material. Future knowledge needs to be applied to real life challenges and thus made effective. Only then we will benefit.

PMAs a student, Pero Mićić was fascinated by what entrepreneurs can do for customers, employees, and society. When he first read about strategic foresight and early warning systems, an idea was born he’d never let go: While you cannot predict the future, you can see, understand, and benefit more from the future than others! But future research seemed too far removed from the realities of the business world. That is why Pero Mićić became a pioneer of future management, building bridges from the theory of future research to the practice of business management and leadership.

In 1991 he founded the first private company for future management in the German-speaking world, today called FutureManagementGroup AG.  Since that time, Pero Micic and his team have successfully completed hundreds of projects with the world’s leading and innovative companies, but also with public organizations such as the Bundeskriminalamt (German Federal Police). New products, new businesses and industries, new solutions and sustainable strategies — these are the answers to the pivotal question: “What will we live on in the future?”

Pero Mićić is a founding member of the Association of Professional Futurists, headquartered in the USA, and a member of the advisory council to the master’s course in futures research at the University of Houston in Texas. He was President of the Advisory Board for the European Futurists Conference, head of the Conference for International Trend- and Future Management, and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of a big educational enterprise. In 2012, he was honored with the Strategy Prize.
Pero has delivered more than 1000 speeches and keynotes in 25 different countries, from Washington to Moscow to Singapore. He shared the stage with the German chancellor, prime ministers, and a US secretary of state. He lectures in German and English and, on special request, in French and Serbian/Croatian.Pero’s practical and analytical future sensibility permeates his speeches today. He is a visionary and analytic thinker and practician at the same time. His focus on vital leadership goals offers a healthy dose of real practical experience, directly from the heart of business, mitigated and inspired by fascinating and surprising insights into the future.At the podium, Pero Mićić is serene, powerful, and inspiring; his voice is forceful, the sparkle in his eyes infectious. Both feet planted in the practical world of business, he supports his points with scientific evidence. He provokes and entertains — always with respect. Pero Mićić will inspire you and your audience for the future — for your own future!
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